(IC) Grapevine

I often attend social gatherings, but rarely am I much more than an observer. I am fairly social, but these situations afford me the ability to soak up information without being dragged down by socializing. Some would call it eavesdropping, but there is no subterfuge or stealth in what I do. I just keep my ears open.

Word tends to travel pretty fast among outlaws. In empire space everything goes through filters to make it fit the message the ones who control such information wish the masses to ingest, or it gets shunted to info-brokers who can sell it as a premium, depending on the worth and rarity of the info. Here in nullsec, no such mechanisms exist. Brokers can’t control it and filters can’t catch it. Everything spreads along the grapevine.

The tidbit I caught just a few hours ago left just me disturbed. Roc Wieler, stripped of rank and command and sent off to some facility where who knows what fate will find him. Since this is empire news, the filters were at full capacity, trying to keep this bombshell under wraps until the right people were ready to profit from it, and there was as of yet nothing solid to be found on the nets. Luckily, word made it into 0.0 via one of the Ushra’Khan’s more talented spies (who apparently enjoys moonlighting his talents in empire for a quick isk). Roc would have never fired on an ally willingly, and while there was a small quote of his regarding a malfunctioning Aura unit, it’s hard to imagine such a glitch would cause such a grievous error without diagnostic heuristics correcting it. Could Roc have been the victim of sabotage? His crew loves him, but it would theoretically be possible for an outsider to access his unit. These days security is a nightmare, even for things that go straight into your skull or DNA.

The other possibility (I hate to admit it, but I must) is that Roc has suffered some kind of slow-acting psychological cascade, to the point where his grip on reality is slipping. Such a thing could affect his Aura unit, but again, there are countermeasures in-place for such a thing (though I’ve heard stories of the more unhinged pilots and pirates ridding themselves of those countermeasures on purpose). If a saboteur somehow suppressed those programs… Perhaps the only thing keeping Roc sane was the thing that exposed him to the chaos that might have broken him, his capsuleer life.

The Elders broke me down in order to rebuild me anew, testing every one of my convictions and every handhold I had on reality. I had them, but Roc is alone and at the mercy of those who would do far worse than kill him.

I put feelers out. I must know where he is sent. His life (and sanity) are surely at risk.


~ by psychediver on 03/22/2010.

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