(OOC) A sad day.

When I first joined the Ushra’Khan, ecstatic would be a slight understatement of my frame of mind. One of the first player groups that caught my eye all those years ago as I was immersing myself in the fiction was the U’K and joining them was nothing short of an honour. I was brought on by the Legendary FC Seliah and sent to COGNet SpaceSystems Ltd. due to my timezone. I got to fly with some wonderful guys who helped me out and never once looked down on me for being a dedicated mission-runner.

Not too many months ago, the Mad Bombers joined the U’K and COGN was folded into their ranks, again due to time zones. Reading the forums and how they did things, I had a bad feeling that these were not the kinds of guys I’d enjoy flying with. Crass would be the best way to describe certain things about them. Still, I wanted to fly with Tito and Jay and the others from COGN so I stayed on. Things were more or less okay. Fine, that is, until I found out that the Mad Bombers were leaving the U’K to do gods know what. Apparently they had serious beefs with the leadership and were cooking up any and all excuses to get out, mostly revolving around RP issues and the concept of space-holding. I hated having to make the choice of remaining with the few pilots I became friends with, or staying with the U’K in another corp.

I chose to stay with the U’K, but I wanted to leave kind parting words to my friends, so I posted this on the Mad Bombers forum:

I’ve been flying with the U’K and COGN for a little shy of 3 years, and have some good times with Mad Bombers as well in the past few months. The split from the U’K put me in a very difficult position but I’ve decided to stick with the U’K in the hopes that the RP oversights of the past little while will be soon rectified (space holding doesn’t bother me… I’m a mission runner :P ).

It’s been an honour flying with many of you, especially those good friends I made back in COGN. You’ve all been fountains of skill, isk (when I needed it, and I’ve done my best to pay back with interest), advice, RP material and camaraderie. The words “I will miss you” don’t do the situation justice. I hope you’ll stay in touch. Hopefully the winds of fate guide you back to us in the future, but if they don’t I wish nothing but the very best for you all.

Even if we meet on the field of battle as adversaries, we will never be enemies.

Fly safe. Fly hard. Fly free, my brothers. o7

Few views, one response from someone who’s never online.

That weekend, the Mad Bombers dropped out of the U’K and left this message on the EVE-O forums. A similar one was left on the U’K boards but contained some personal shots and a few more expletives.

Needless to say I was shocked that such parting blows were necessary. IN fact they were very poor form indeed. In case you’re not willing to read the thread (and you may want to because it gives you a very interesting look at the state of not only the U’K, but of the future of Provi. Some very intelligent pilots weigh in), my response was:

To say that I am saddened by this turn of events would be a profound understatement. I flew with COGN for years and made some good friends there, and upon getting folded into the Mad Bombers, I had a bad feeling that I couldn’t place. Now I can see I should have followed my instincts and transfered to another corp. I’m sticking with the U’K.

The U’K takes in slavers to reform their hearts and proves that it’s far better to reform the wicked than to eternally clash against them. We swell our ranks because our ranks have proven insufficient for years. As for any grief over holding space, I ask you what is a better option now that our enemies are leaving a vacuum in their wake? We choose to hold space to create a safe haven for our brothers and to stand vigilant against future slaving threats. How can one be so utterly blind to the fact that a PROPER war machine requires more than pilots? It requires funding and industry. You **** all over mission-runners, carebears and indys while we work tirelessly to keep your shipyards operational and your corp wallets full. You spit in the eyes of our founders by condemning the plight they chose to fight to an endless stalemate with our enemies. And finally, you mock those pilots who respected you.

I will add this one last personal point. This split has cost me some good friends. My COGN friends. For that I weep.

I posted the same message on the U’K forums.

My little brother and his friend were also flying with the Mad Bombers, and my leaving was apparently just cause to kick them out with no warning.

I’m with the Minmatar Ship Construction Services now, and once again flying with sane people. It still bothers me that the whole thing went down like that. I guess it’s up to me to look to the future.


~ by psychediver on 03/08/2010.

One Response to “(OOC) A sad day.”

  1. Unacceptable behavior by MB, you’re in a better place now. Keep on flying.

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