(IC) Neurodance

Nullsec. Backwater settlement somewhere in Providence. Deep underground where it’s more than warm… it’s hot.

The location is a secret and admittance is only by invite. I doubt even Empress Sarum could get in. All steps were taken in order to keep this gathering Neu+ral. The cloaked fleet in orbit must be staggering.

I get led down the large descending service tunnel by a bouncer. A smallish and extremely attractive Caldari woman. I must outweigh her by more than 150 pounds but the steel look in her eyes and the all-business expression on her face tells me she could kill me without a thought. I respect that. Full scans are done, weapons are confiscated (even my kandjal, which I gave up grudgingly and with a few words to the care of it).

I can hear the music coming from the depths ahead of us. Throbbing bass, fast beat.

At the end of the hall. Huge doors are opened by equally huge Brutors and I’m hit with a wall of sound. I’m not a dancer, but the sounds and lights and scents of this place tear and my grip of reality. I move in-tune, think in-tune, feel in-tune.

It’s obvious almost everyone here is a capsuleer, but not your usual kind (if there is a usual kind of space-faring immortal). Many here have obviously gone out of their way to look anything but human. A dedicated wireless system operates here so capsuleers can project sensations and emotions to others around them. Here we reconnect to our primal urges.

I flow to the centre of the action and find the man who invited me with a mysterious message not too long ago. Learning of the entity known only as The Hanged Man was difficult to say the least, but the Ushra’Khan do have connections to the underworld. We spot each other. He introduces me to his lovely woman, his interesting friends and associates. Many are either past or current enemies of the Ushra’Khan, but war is left at the door. There is debate (what little can be said over the music), but no animosity.

I lounge. I dance. I observe. I emote. I allure and am allured. I float on the waves of emotions, and I hope I get invited back again soon. Maybe next time I should try to look the part.


~ by psychediver on 03/07/2010.

2 Responses to “(IC) Neurodance”

  1. mmmm, sounds like I missed out on the real party.

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