(IC) Polycarbon Engine Housing

Sparks fly wildly across my visor as I methodically run my torch along the line where two plates of polycarbon meet.

The Ryumon Hozukimaru, my Maelstrom-class battleship and the current combat workhorse (wouldn’t that make her a warhorse?) of my personal fleet, took a particularly grievous pounding by some unruly members of the Angel Cartel not too long ago. None of the made it out alive, but one of them managed to ram a heavy drone into my ship’s main engine cluster as a final “fuck you”. Drones travel slow enough that they don’t interact with a ship’s shield matrix, so the damned thing passed right through. No real harm done, other than to my back accounts.

I’ve taken this extended stay in dock as a sign from the gods that my baby could use an overhaul or two. The crew gets the time off, but most of them would rather lend a hand to the station’s engineer teams and bring the Hozukimaru back to tip-top shape. A few of us, including myself, are currently installing a new engine housing on the #3 main thruster assembly. My crew is certainly dedicated. They pour their heart into their work. If they didn’t I wouldn’t employ them. The crew’s heart is just as important as their skill. We’re a family. This is our home. Pride is certainly a factor.

Maelstroms certainly don’t look it, but their fast for their size. Their thrusters might not be the beefiest or the showiest, but the ship is made of such lightweight-yet-durable material, and utilizes such sophisticated navigation systems that it you’d be foolish to call it slow. The high-grade afterburner I have installed doesn’t hurt either.

More sparks fly. I can hear some jostling of a new recruit as he fiddles clumsily with a maintenance drone’s controls. A smile quickly forms on my face. This new polycarbon engine housing may make her go faster, but the crew is what breathes life into her.


~ by psychediver on 03/05/2010.

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