(OOC) Back to Hakeri. Back to Sebiestor.

Since my Brutor Tribe standings are near-perfect and I have around 46k LP points that I don’t plan on using yet, and since the only better combat agent is in Rens and that would be tricky to mission from due to WTs, I’ve decided to spend a little time with the Sebiestor Tribe. My standings with them give me access to a sweet lvl.4 quality 18 Internal Security agent in Hakeri.

*Cue boring 96-jump move*

One thing I forgot about was how tricky it is to sell large amounts of mission loots and salvage when you’re not close to a trade hub. Trade hubs increase commerce in surrounding systems as well and I was really enjoying that.

So it looks like I’ll have to trek back to Rens every so often to do some sales. I bought 4 giant containers (which required me to take my Mammoth into low-sec) so I could store enough loot to make such trips worth while. I can probably run 5 or 6 missions before I need to make the trip. As it stands, I only have 13 sell order slots with Trade at lvl.2 but I will be training it to V in short order… sooner if the problem is persistent.

One good thing about being far from a trade hub (and even farther from the usual hotspots) is that I can worry less about WTs and pirates. Hakeri isn’t a very oft-traveled system.

More money for me, more money for the corp. Next time you feel the need to dump on mission-runners in your corp or alliance, remember they play a big part in paying your bills.

~ by psychediver on 02/27/2010.

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