(OOC) Theft is Theft

So there I am running a mission (as I’ve been known to do). I’m slowboating it to the acceleration gate in order to get to the next room. Wrecks all around me. Normally, I loot and salvage with a Catalyst I have and it does the job very well. Suddenly, two frigates pop in. I’m thinking they’re just noobs learning how to scan stuff down. I have no intention of causing them any harm, since I expect the sight of my Maelstrom would scare them off. I could very easily pop them with my drones. I decide to sit on the gate until they take off, when one of them starts salvaging my wrecks.

Needless to say, I was no longer feeling amicable.

I locked him. He continued. I didn’t really try to talk to him since I figured nothing good would come of it. I launched my drones but didn’t send them out yet. Still he continued. Finally I decided to take him out.

Then the CONCORD warning came up.

I realized he was not touching the loot and for some reason that exempted him from kill rights. I was flabbergasted. Why would CCP not set up the same consequences for stealing salvage as they already have for loot?

What could I do? CONCORD would have popped me without a second thought and the thief would have still gotten away with it. I figure he must have gotten away with 5mill in salvage… easy.

THIS MUST BE RECTIFIED! CCP needs to tack on the same system they have for loot, onto salvage. It makes no sense any other way.

~ by psychediver on 02/26/2010.

6 Responses to “(OOC) Theft is Theft”

  1. This is old news. Ninjas have been doing this for ages safe in the knowledge that concord has their backs. all the clamour for it to be changed has been ignored by CCP and it doesn’t look like they’re going to change it anytime soon.

    My solution is generally to invite them to take the loot saying I don’t want it any way and pop them as soon as they go red (if they take the bait that is). tThis has brought me much amusement in the past but has aslo resulted in the loss of a few drakes as they’ve promptly come back with a bigger ship and retaliated.

  2. Hm… an interesting idea. I probably could have done that.

    Oh well.

  3. It hasn’t been ignored by CCP — this activity was an explicit design goal. The devs have commented on this many times. The salvage in the wreck isn’t yours until you grab it (unlike the modules).

    • Well not that it’ll make much difference, but consider this post my note of disagreement.

  4. Honestly, you might as well just chalk up the fact they didn’t loot as a win and call it a day. And attempting to bait them will only get those who don’t know that you can abandon your wrecks making them safe for anyone to loot from.

    Don’t forget this is an MMO. Find a corp mate to follow behind and salvage, or see if you can work out a deal with some of the scavengers. You might get burned by a few people if you go with that option, but you might also make some good friends and/or help out new players who are just trying to make some ISK.

    Personally, I’m with you as far as wrecks in missions are concerned. But my reservations are mainly that this avenue opens too many options for people to cause grief by stealing loot and/or mission items.

    I’d prefer that mission space was safe until the mission was turned in, and the wrecks could be scanned down at that time. Since they’re there anyways for two hours, why not offer up something for the salvaging profession to find the wrecks of the MRs that don’t care about salvage.

    • That’s an interesting concept about timed-out mission space. Your comment to CCP’s eyes, I hope.

      Sadly my alliance is far more interested in nullsec ops so empire mission-runners like me are often the odd man out.

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