(OOC) OMFGanewScorpioniwantitnao!!!

Seriously… LOOK AT THIS THING!!!

Obviously I have little to say about the new Scorp other than the precise magnitudes of awesome it contains. What did strike me as post-worthy was the undercurrent tone that the new Scorpion would not be the only ship in EVE to receive an redesign, bringing iconic ships more into line with Tech 3 design archetypes. Not only is this a great thing graphically and visually, but it gives another facet to the forward momentum we’ve all come to love about the EVE fiction. Car lines get redesigned on a yearly basis and people trade up for the newer models with the newer refinements. Even in the military world tried-and-true designs go through more more iterations in the field than people tend to know about. A model might be in service for a few decades, but throughout that time is’s constantly being upgraded and brought up to speed with the latest design philosophies.

Fiction-wise, Tech 3 is a game-changer in the EVE ship-design community. So it is in that spirit that I’d like to call out a few designs that could really do with a major face lift.

Typhoon – In my opinion, the biggest EVE fashion offender. The fiction states that these were constantly being cobbled together during the Minmatar rebellion and that two were rarely alike. Now with Maelstroms and T3, we could have a much sleeker phoon. Will that make people want to fly them again? Who knows…

Incursus – Sure, everyone love the javalin-thingy on it, but the rest is far too understated for a Gallente ship. The Maulus and Tristan have some serious style by comparison.

Rifter – I know I’m gonna get heat for this one but just hear me out on this one point. It’s used SO much… why not a little clean-up? Actually, all the Minmatar frigates could use some work, but most people just fly Rifters anyways.

Moa – I know lop-sided was the Caldari claim-to-fame for a while, but now with the new Scorp that doesn’t seem to be the rule. I think a little touch-up here would be wonderful.

Celestis – I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what it’s trying to be. Whatever it is, it’s failing and it looks painful. Fix it please. Thank you.

Condor – This is the hull they’re using for the Caldari interceptor? It may sorta look like a bird, but it doesn’t look fast at all.

I’d mention Amarr ships, but the designs vary so little that I don’t think any one ship stands out as needing a revamp. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong. I could say the opposite of the Minmatar, since the situation that necessitated ramshackle ships is long past, the older designs should start looking cleaner on the whole.

In the end, some ships need to look old and eclectic. Some ships need to look like they came with a tag that reads, “some assembly required”. Perhaps the Strategic Cruisers will almost always be the belle and the ball. There are some ships that are so iconic that changing them would be a diservice (Apocalypse, Megathron, Tempest and Raven). Still, a few nips and tucks would do wonder for some of our favourite rides.

Am I way off base with my picks? Did I miss one you’d like to call out for being a flying fashion crime? Let me know!


~ by psychediver on 02/26/2010.

One Response to “(OOC) OMFGanewScorpioniwantitnao!!!”

  1. lol as I have said before and will say again. it hits like a grandma’s handbag…so ok it looks nice but then it is just a NICE looking handbag.

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