(OOC) Of Crazy Kinuxes and their swollen packs.

Plenty of blog and Twitter activity on the subject of the future of CK’s Blog Pack, so I thought I’d weigh in.

First off, to say that I have enormous respect for CK and his epic community-forging skills might end up being my biggest understatement of this year. He’s a god among men. I’ve met the man. He has this aura about him. The kind that signifies special characters or high-level buffs.

That said, and from what I understand, I’m not too thrilled about the Blog Pack becoming subject to an open vote. I much prefer the concept of scaling it back to blogs that CK himself believes are the paragon of what the EVE blogging community has to offer. No rules and no opinion other than his own. 20 would be a good number. Even if CK wanted to drop the pack entirely and just have the roll, I’d be cool with that. Yes a Pack helps new people find great blogs at the beginning, but if the community continues to grow as it has been, soon 50 won’t be enough to give an adequate sampling of the best and brightest. Would anyone be able to enforce a pack of 60? 70? 100? If he chose to dump the pack entirely I wouldn’t object. Noobs wanna find good blogs? How about reading them and having an opinion.

Another issue that’s seemed to have gotten tied up in all this is how Capsuleer will adapt. I have great respect for what Roc and co. does and has done, but this is a moot point. Roc and PJSam are fraking geniuses. CK will do what he thinks is best, and Capsuleer must (and will) adapt. Yes, the pack made things easier on the outset, but I’m sure whatever comes out from all this will be that much better for the community as a whole.

I’d also like to make the personal point that CK has a growing family and everything that such a normal life would entail (car, mortgage, orthodontist appointments, etc…) and it sorta burns me when people seem to demand a more strictly-enforced Pack. CK barely has time to play or blog as it is. If he wants to scale it back for whatever reason, he should. Yes, he’s an amazing servant to the community, but asking certain things and more from him IMHO shits all over what he’s done for us thus far.

I’m sure my opinions will get discounted and discarded in short order. I’m not a member of the blog pack. I’m the first to admit that there are better and more prolific bloggers out there and I’m not worthy to be among them. I barely get time to play EVE as much as I like, and being a mission-running carebear makes it difficult to be as interesting as a pirate. Even when I was writing fiction often enough, barely anyone read it. So there are other bloggers out there who’s opinions count more than mine, but do you know who’s opinion is the ONLY one that should matter? CK’s.


~ by psychediver on 02/23/2010.

6 Responses to “(OOC) Of Crazy Kinuxes and their swollen packs.”

  1. Thanks mate! I’m sure things will die down once I’ve announced the new Pack members! I sure hope so! :p

  2. You make great points! I am one of those that would like more community input into who is in the pack, and was happy with CKs initial announcement that he would be taking it to a vote. But I have since been made very unhappy by the announcement that he will make the pack larger, and remain completely at his control. Here are my reasons:

    a. As you pointed out he has a growing family, he doesn’t have time to police the pack. I feel that a community powered pack would have better luck at that.

    I have decided to write my own post on he matter…

  3. It’s indeed CK’s choice and as I have said on twitter,he made id, he decides what to do with suggestions. Now lets hope this settle down and we can mosey along like normal.

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