(IC) Patterns

Destination reached. Warp engines spun up and on standby. Ready for Capacitor feed.

Hostiles located. Primary objective located.


Damage Control subsystems ready.

Shields up. Reading 100% from all emitters. Active hardening algorhythms in effect. Booster feed charged, amplified and on standby.

Weapons coming on-line. 1400mm artillery cannons and subsystems showing all green. Targeting solutions being calculated.

Afterburner primed.

Drones active. Armed. Fueled. Link engaged. Ready to launch.

Targets identified. Mordus Legion. Download engagement history and analysis from Ushra’Khan d-base.

Datastream connected. Identifiable patterns found. Modulating hardening algorhythms and ammunition loads.

These pirates must hate me by now…


~ by psychediver on 02/06/2010.

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