(OOC) Parallel EVE

Amazing what you’ll find if you check out the forums every so often.

I have to say that I’m blow away by the attention to detail and the imagination presented in these pieces. This artist is a true boon to the community.

(Click to enbiggen)

An Avatar a day keeps the Goons at bay.

I don't remember Avatars being this peaceful...

Only time you should ever see an Amarr ship using a projectile, is when it IS the the projectile.

The Sigil looks a little meaner here.

Now the wingy bit is a sail? I half-expect to see the Hellcats logo on it.

Oh sure, everything is peaceful... until you get ganked.

Proof that Batman flies Vagabonds!

Nice to see a gamer getting some fresh air.

Come on, we all saw this one coming... right?

If Nike and CCP ever made a deal. I'd buy them!

Those Amarr... inhuman monsters!

I knew it! Always thought the 'thron looked like a super-robot!

I think this was always what they were going for. An avian look. Right?

Who needs Star Wars when you have EVE?

This looks far deadlier than it ought to be.


~ by psychediver on 01/24/2010.

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