(OOC) Toronto-Area Pod-Pilots

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to a Toronto EVE meet. I actually missed one or two due to missed communications. It was around then that I realized the EVE-O forums really didn’t lend themselves too well to organizing regular meets, since it was nearly impossible to notify and invite people on a large scale.

I spoke about this to a fellow local and suggested we organize our own EVE meet. While he liked the idea, the timing was horrible in more ways than one and he told me to get back to him after the holidays.

Fast forward 2 months and lo and behold, he’s already got the thing set up! Complete with blog and Facebook page! I was shocked (and it sorta came off the wrong way, which I’ve apologized for. Sorry again big guy.) but I could not be happier with the result.

Now, I’m a veteran of networking socials and the like, so right off the top I can tell you that one of the most important elements is location. The Loose Moose on a Saturday night (perhaps one of the busiest bars in Toronto on perhaps the busiest night of the week)? Probably not the greatest idea. It was up to vote on the in-game channel, but still. Obviously it was packed and finding seating was quite a chore. I spent most of the night standing. In any case even though we managed to catch two tables near the end of the night, we won’t be going back there.

I was really happy to see such a great turn-out! It was probably the biggest meet I’ve been to so far and that’s a testament to the organizers’s networking skill.

Roc showed me the latest version of Capsuleer, and I gotta say it’s a damn fine piece of code. The way it’s going now programs like EVEMon, EVEHQ and will be inferior in less than a year, assuming CCP can keep up. My current plan is to get myself version 4 of the iPhone this summer, so I’ll be happy to review the program and relay news and such about it after that.

Pretty much every sociable topic you could think of was on the table. Fanfest, EVE widows, EVE radio stations and DJs, spacebook, Incarna, Dust, current conflicts… Oddly so few people talk about fittings even when it’s brought up.

Ran into the pilot I sold my indy toon to. He came around with his corp (the leader of which is the creator of the FB page and a DJ on EVE Radio) so I got to not just make a bunch of new friends, but also did a decent amount of schmoozing. I think the U’K top brass would be happy to see the progress I am making, and the calibre of pilots I’m wooing.

Oh. I met Sam. PyjamaSam. Wow. First impression? I thought he’d be shorter. Not sure why. I can honestly see why Roc likes him so much. He’s got a very manic but ultimately very endearing energy to him. You get him talking and he’ll take you on a ride through the caverns of his obsessions, whizzing past experiences and anecdotes at blinding speeds. We were chatting it up long after Roc had to take off and I was making a total arse of myself pretending to know anything about anything. I think he enjoyed schooling me, and I honestly enjoyed being schooled.

Hoping that they’ll announce Fanfest 2010 soon. A few of us were wondering if we should go as a group.

If you want an wonderfully-written in-character account of the night, head over to Roc’s Ramblings.

Is it too much to hope that we can do this once a month or two? I don’t think so.


~ by psychediver on 01/23/2010.

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