(OOC) She’s sold! Also, new allies?

Never underestimate the usefulness of a backroom deal. By backroom, I mean Facebook, and my deal, I mean I sold Howlynn!

Met these two capsuleers at a social event and I told them I was selling. Neither were interested but one of them was an indy and willing to quote a price for me. The next time I saw them the one who was going to quote me wanted to buy Howlynn for herself, but the other person (her boyfriend) convinced her not to. Still, she quoted Howlynn at 4 billion isk. Quite a bit more than the 1.5 I thought I’d ask for it. Skip ahead, and now he wants Howlynn for himself and is willing to pay 3.5. Of course it would have to wait since he just took a huge beating and his funds were running low. I told him since we know each other in meatspace we can work out a payment plan. We agreed to 1 billion every month for 3 months.

Why not ask for 4, or at least the other 500mill he was offering? Well turns out these two pilots are in a corp (which I won’t name) in an alliance that is notorious for locking horns with the Ushra’Khan. Now, chatting these two up over beers and nachos, I come to learn that this corp of around 40 well-seasoned pilots is not really happy with their alliance and could, in the near future, decide to break off and find a new one. Now, this is me, giving you what amounts to a 1 billion isk discount, with the distinct understanding that we can talk further about this corp of theres coming over to the U’K. They seem interested, but are currently unwilling to make the jump. I have a feeling that in the next few months that will change, and I’ll be there to capitalize on it.

Think of it as greasing the wheels. We’ll see how it pans out. For now, I’ve got my first payment in and I’m pretty happy about breaking the 1 billion isk mark for the first time.


~ by psychediver on 01/09/2010.

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