(OOC) Loadout: Maelstrom: Ryumon Hozukimaru

FINALLY, my PvE missioning Maelstrom is fine-tuned and my skills are up to par enough that I can run level 4 missions solo.


It’s pretty straight forward. 1200s can take out anything from BSs to cruisers quickly at proper range. Keeping proper range is fairly easy with the AB and some common sense. I’m running an AB instead of a MWD because I use this setup for mission-running. Anything smaller than a cruiser should be delegated to drones.

Cap is stable as long as you pulse the booster and use the AB a little sparingly. The rigs, ship bonuses and amp help give you the most bang for your cap.

As of yet I’ve only had one instance where I could not solidly tank any mission. Switch out the invulns for mission-specific hardeners and same goes for damage types.

It’s a full T2 setup and it works fine. I wouldn’t bother spending the cash on any faction mods here.

Word of warning though. This setup is quite skill-intensive.

Some of you might recall my old setup was a passive/active tank hybrid. While I don’t think such setups are instant garbage like a lot of others do, it just doesn’t work with the Maelstrom’s bonuses.

Anyways, let me know what you think, either here or on BattleClinic. If you find the opportunity to put it together for yourself, let me know how it works for you.

Fly safe!

~ by psychediver on 11/12/2009.

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