(OOC) I can’t believe I just voted for a Goon…

I know, it’s messed up. Let me explain how this happened.

I found this CSM site that lets you filter through the platforms you care about and which CSM candidates are in alignment with your views.

When all was said and done, Helen Highwater came out on top with 73%. Mind you, so did Stormaxe Titanothere. I was hoping for a much tighter match.

I was all ready to click the vote button until… wait… he’s a fraking GOON!?!?

Le sigh.

Wait, what about Ushra’Khan candidtates? Well, there’s one, and according the the filter she’s only 54% in line with my choices. That’s not good. Also, no website. What about Canadian candidates? There’s a few, but does nationality really have any bearing here? I can’t honestly say yes.

More sigh.

Mynxee (as always) correctly suggested people read Assembly Hall and Jita Park Speakers Corner. “…even if all the do is skim topics and not actually READ the threads themselves. To the most cursory skim of Assembly Hall topics, a thread with the words “CSM Debate” in the title should jump right out at any CSM candidate who’s proactively looking for opportunities to reach out to voters. It’s not like the thread was hidden deep in the forum–it’s been on the first couple of pages pretty consistently.”

The system isn’t wrong. I’m not wrong, and I doubt she’s lying about her platforms. Listening to his comments here and reading his interactions here I’m a little more confident in voting for him. Those of you that know me know I have more than a small dislike of Goons, so clicking that vote button was not an easy choice.

I’m abstaining with Howlynn’s vote. I feel that as long as there’s a large number of people abstaining, CCP and the CSM will be forced to work harder. Now, THIS IS NOT THE SAME THING AS NOT VOTING!!! The abstain button is at the bottom of the voting page. It tells CCP and the CSM that you demand better in candidates and effectiveness. I certainly do.

As always, I urge my readers to read, listen, think and vote, even if that vote is an abstain. The CSM is an important project and could benefit CCP and the players greatly. It’s up to US to make it work.


~ by psychediver on 11/12/2009.

One Response to “(OOC) I can’t believe I just voted for a Goon…”

  1. What a great website, it helped solve my dilemma between candidates by listing one of them with a few percentage over the other. Sharing this around our alliance now. Love the fact they have an abstain button now too.

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