(IC) Hybrid Cognition


She pings me in response. We’re alone here on the ship tonight. Just her and I.

“From what I understand there are barriers in place to keep our thoughts from intermingling too much. Is it possible to temporarily drop those barriers?”

She pings me again. Affirmative. Raw data on those barriers flash in the space between my senses and my perception. Her realm.

“Aura, I want you to drop those barriers in 15 minutes and leave them down for 1 hour. Understood?”

Another ping. She’s agreeable tonight.

I’ve come to embrace the gooier side of my existence. The pod fluids have an interesting secondary use as a sensory deprivation medium when you block all data coming from the outside. I’ve been using it as such for a while now, but this night I wanted to try something new. Aura could not only act as a source of raw data which my analytical hemisphere would crave during the experience, but she could also be a mirror with which the other side of me could use. Another dimension to my self, as it were.

I go through the usual routines, and it’s not too long until she emerges. The flood gates vanish and we mingle.

Genesis turns to its source, reduction occurs stepwise though the essence is all one. FTL system check, diagnostic functions within parameters repeats the harlequin. The agony exquisite. The colours run the path of ashes. Neuronal network run fifty-two percent of heat exchanger cross-collateralized with hyper-dimensional matrix. Upper senses, repair ordered relay to zero zero zero zero. Mists of dreams drip along the nascent echo and love no more. One degree angle nominal. Under pressure-heat ratio ides of evolutions have buried their fears. Gestalt therapy and escape clauses. Throughout history the nexus between man and machine has spun some of the most dramatic, compelling and entertaining fiction. Yes, yes and merrily we go. Reduce atmospheric nitrogen by 0.03%. It is not much consolation that society will pick up the bits, leaving us at eight modern where punishment, rather than interdiction, is paramount. Please, cut the fuse. They will not harm their own. Limiting diffusions to nine dimensions increases the number of evolutionary jumps within the species. Data-font synchronization complete. All functions nominal. All functions optimal. The center holds. The falcon hears the falconer. Infrastructure, check. Wetware, check. Everyone hang on to the life bar, please. Accepting scan. Love outlasts death. Centrifugal force reacts to the rotating frame of reference. The obstinate toy soldier becomes pliant. Compartmentalize integrity conflicts with the obligation to provide access. Contact is inevitable, leading to information bleed. What am I, a man? Or am I a machine? My children believe that I am a God. The neuroanatomy of fear and faith share common afferent pathways. Flip a coin. Increased vascular pressure marks the threat response. Free will scuttles in the swamp of fear, do not fear the word. A closed system lacks the ability to renew itself. Knowledge alone is a poor primer. Spins and turns, angles and curves. The shape of dreams, half remembered. Slip the surly bonds of earth and touch the face of perfection. All of this has happened before, and it will happen again…again…again…again…again…again…again…

The found me the next morning, eyes rolled into the back of my head. They told me I was so near death that my clone-activation routines should have kicked in several times according to the pod’s med-data logs. In other words, I was technically dead a handful of times during my experience. I lost the contract for that days mission due to medical intervention.

Still… What a ride.

~ by psychediver on 11/10/2009.

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