(OOC) Going Forward…

First off, a little update on what my alliance has been up to. This just hit the newsways today.

Ushra’Khan takes ownership of two stations in Catch

YAY! Go team!

OK then, on to the matter of me. I want to talk briefly about where I am skill-wise and hopefully illicit some feedback about where I should go from here.

As you can see HERE I’ve come a decent way in a a little under a year (I became a capsuleer in March of ’08). Total time spent not training has been kept under a few days. As of this writing, I’m about 15 days away from Drone Interfacing V. My immediate plans are:

Afterburner (V)

Fuel Conversion (V)

Warp Drive Operation. (V)

(Specific) Shield Compensation (IV)

Signature Analysis (V)

Trade (V)

Negotiation (V)

Thermodynamics (IV)

Acceleration Control (V)

Drone Durability (IV)

Social (V)

Fast Talk (IV)

Long-Range Targeting (IV)

High Speed Maneuvering (IV)

(Specific) Armour Compensation (IV)

Medium Autocannon Specialization (IV)

Large Autocannon Specialization (III)

Electronic Upgrades (V)

Obviously the symbols you see in parentheses is what I aim to train that particular skill to.

Now here’s an interesting part. You may notice my Learning skills are just a tad shy from maxed. Once I’m comfortable soloing lvl.4 missions, I’m going to top them off. At latest that’ll be after Signature Analysis.

Notice that the last skill is Electronic Upgrades. That is where I begin to reach an impasse. Once that skill is V’ed out (a term I’m trying to coin) I’ll be able to train T2 ship types. I have no interest in Marauders, but everything else is in the pipe. What I’d like to do is inquire as to other classes and ask pilots who have experience with those ships to tell me what they’re like. Perhaps then I can avoid training a ship class I wouldn’t want to fly.

What I’d like to do after that is cross-train to Caldari and Gallente but the specific hows with that are murky. I have some decent missile skills and I already have some specialization skill books bought. Drone skills are also a fair bit along. Other than that it’s just a case of training the blaster/railgun gunneries and the right spaceship command skills… right? Am I missing any support skills that I overlooked due to my Minmatar specializations thus far?

If you’re wondering, right now I have no interest in capital ship warfare. I have enough trouble keeping myself funded as it is. Maybe in year 3 or 4 that will be different. Also, I have no interest in flying Amarr ships. This is not a choice based on role-playing, but it does fit nicely into it. Again, maybe that will change.

So, let me know what you think! Any comments, suggestions, questions or ridicule are welcome!

Fly safe. o7


~ by psychediver on 11/02/2009.

4 Responses to “(OOC) Going Forward…”

  1. You have too long list of the plan. Do you have enough time/will to finish it?

    • Well the list was quite a bit longer not too long ago. I may reorganize it a bit but I’m pretty good about sticking to it.

  2. T2 ships:

    Train up AF and Interceptor as you already have the skills. The former receives a speed boost in Dominion, and the latter is just invaluable for tackling. As for the rest of T2 frigate hulls, stealth bombers are great for life in nulsec, and I believe the requirements for bomb deployment are going down in Dominion as well. EAF’s are a niche ship, might want to pass on them, they do well in FW though. Cov-ops for probing and safely moving small cargo.

    Recons if you like moving around sneakishly and pack ewar, the non-cloaky versions make excellent fleet support. HAC’s are pretty pricy but make for good complements to a BC gang. HIC for infiny-point fun and bubbling. Command ship if you enjoy boosting fleets. Logistics if you want to keep your fleet alive.

    And I think that is all off them that are smaller than a marauder.

    • Exactly what I needed. Based on what you’ve said and my own research, I can focus on:

      Cov-Ops/Stealth Bombers

      The rest I can look at again when my needs shift.

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