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I’m back!

New computer. New life situation. New blog. I figure, since I have four other blogs on WordPress (links later) , I might as well have the EVE blog here as well.

My break from blogging was a lot longer than expected. First there were access issues brought on by a shit computer, and then my entire life collapsed around me. But that’s another blog’s territory.

What’s up with me EVE-wise? I’m flying a Maelstrom now mission-running lvl.4s solo. Quite happy about that. Not easy, but it’s getting there. I know you all think the Maelstrom isn’t the best ship for it, but it’s actually holing up fairly well. I’ll link the setup as soon as I find time to put it on Battleclinic. Yes, still mission-running. In fact I’ve recently outfitted a Catalyst for looting and salvaging. First time I’ve ever had a separate ship for that. Money and skills are still not agreeing with me, and unless I find the time to spend an entire weekend in my JC, it’s not worth it. The cash I send my corp’s way via taxes running these missions is plenty helping war efforts anyways. Yup, I’m a carebear. Deal.

I will however be joining the U’K team for the next Alliance Tournament. I didn’t think I was up to snuff yet but apparently my superiors strongly disagree. Should be interesting.

The Ushra’Khan got a bit of a corporation shuffle not too long ago and people were moved around based on timezones, and certain corps were amalgamated for reasons of efficiency. It’s still a work-in-progress. I went from COGNet Spacesystems Ltd. to Mad Bombers. Pleased with the result. It’s actually a minor logistical clean-up in the grand scheme of things, considering many ops happen at the alliance level anyways. I’d love to comment on the recent CVA happenings and how we feel about it internally, but if you look at the forums it’s pretty obvious. We wanted to defeat them honourably and on the field of battle. This situation disgusts us greatly. Other than that, the new sov rules and other additions in Dominion will be working in our favour greatly.

Oh yeah, even though I was unable to access, I didn’t miss a beat (more or less) when it came to skill training. Here’s what my primary looks like now (Yup. Minmatar Battleship V :D). BIG thanks to everyone who helped me out. I owe each of you a beer. My future skill-training plans will be layed-out in the next post.

I have a mining secondary, which I’ll be selling in some time. Here’s what she looks like. If anyone has experience with selling characters, please give me a shout.

I am planning on getting back to my fiction writing fairly soon. I’m planning on reviewing and slightly rewriting Last Son of Prano and releasing it in .pdf form, complete with links and art and stuffs. I’ll also be reviewing my plans for podcasts and the like. I’ve been taking a look at net radio organizations like New Eden Radio, EVE Radio and Split Infinity Radio and wondering if I have anything to offer them. They have a lot of open slots…

Planning a Toronto EVE-meet with a certain capsuleer you all respect a lot more than me. More on that as January approaches. I was not able to go to Fanfest this year. I might be able to swing it next year but I can’t make any promises. I will certainly be hitting PAX East though, and I know CCP will be there.

I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on, and once I find all the new and good EVE blogs out there, I’ll put them on my RSS feeds that you see to the right. I like advertising for the EVE-blogging community, and I’d appreciate suggestions.

I think that’s about it. I’ll post here as often as I can. My other blogs are:

A general geekiness blog.

A food blog.

A spirituality/Paganism blog.

A sex and relationships blog.

I can also be found on Twitter.

Fly safe! o7


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